Copper Smartphone Projector 2.0


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There’s no denying that a trip to the cinema is a welcome treat but there are times that venturing out and sitting still and upright in a chair can seem a bit of a chore. If, like us, there are days that you’d rather sloth around the house in your PJs, spread-out on the sofa but still enjoy some big screen time, then say hello to the Cooper Smartphone Projector 2.0. This really is a little marvel and thanks to a bit of ingenious design it arrives with you all ready to go so no worries about glue and tape. Just take the Smartphone Projector 2.0 out of the box, pop in your smartphone and your movie of choice will be beamed onto a wall, with your screen magnified to become eight times larger. Please note:  This is not a toy and is unsuitable for children aged under 14 years.